We can carry out most services through our network of both in-house workshops and external contractors in Australia and overseas. Don't hesitate to ask for advanced services, we have a great network of partners supporting us!  

1. Cutting

  • Oxy Gas Cutting. 
  • Plasma Cutting.
  • Laser Cutting.
  • Abrasive Water Jet Cutting.

2. Machining

  • Drilling. 
  • Milling. 
  • Bevelling.

3. Bending

  • Press braking.
  • Roller bending.

4. Fabrication

  • Welding. Also on-site.
  • Repair. Also on-site. 

5. Deliver and install

  • Stocks.
  • Pick-up on site. 
  • Delivery and install.  
Oxy cutting Plasma Cutting Milling Bending
Welding Preheating Roller bending CNC programming
Grinding Bevelling Hardox plate stock Machining
Pick up and deliver with truck Bins to collect used teeth Cutting Customer marking