We are serving a wide range of industries with wear parts and services. 

As a Hardox Wearparts Centre we are able to use the Hardox raw plate and manufacture wear parts for a wide range of industries including Mining, Quarres and Sand, Construction, Cement and Concrete, Agriculture and Recycling. This can be done from drawings, templates or reverse engineering but also from sourcing of non Hardox products if required.

The product program includes our patented BluPoint ground engaging tools for large mining buckets, wear products for buckets, shovels, dozers, chutes, feeders, crushers, screws, pavers, pulverizers, dredgers, mixers, molds, mills, cyclones, shears, balers, shredders, drums, liners, harvesters and more. 

The main processes used are Plasma and Oxy-gas cutting (dry or with waterbeds), Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, drilling (counter sinking), welding, bending and fabrication. The processing activities are being carried out both through our in-house capabilities as well as external processing centers in the region. Both certified under our tight quality standards to ensure the highest quality.

For more information about the products that we offer in Western Australia, please visit our recently launched webshop on:

Chain Links Recycling Hammers Crusher head Verifying diameter
Bucket GETs Correct! Construction Waste Recycling Plant Liners
Attachements Conveyor Belt Hardox bolts BluPoint Teeths
Hardox Hammers Clam Shell Bucket Hitches Cutter Knives
Fast deliveries Screen Shredder Sprocket Wheel
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